Social Media Content Libraries

Social media is a vital way to reach and interact with your customers but only if used properly. Posting quality pictures of products, events, and people is a smart way to engage with your audience, but many businesses find using their social media platforms time consuming. Most simply don’t have time to take pictures and when they do they fail to capture that important shot.

Message in a Bottle can help. We will provide a Photo Content Library full of ready-to-use, high-quality shots for you to highlight products, events, special occasions, and the people that make up your company.

Every quarter we will come to you and shoot a variety of pictures in a couple of hours. Then, after we polish and edit, we deliver to you copies of the full resolution photographs as well as Web Ready pictures for you to use right away.

Now it’s easy to be a Social Media pro. Let Message in a Bottle do the hard work for you.

Contact us for Puget Sound Area pricing. (Outside Puget Sound pricing available)