The Six Percent

The fact that 94% of the wine made and sold in Washington State is controlled by 3 producers is lost on most consumers. The remaining 6% of the market is made up of over 700+ producers. This means they produce very little in comparison to the remaining corporate brands. How does one stand apart? How does one drive their business? What is it that the consumer finds so alluring and brings them back vintage after vintage?

The answer is simple; the winemaker.

Every time a consumer tastes a glass of wine from any of the “six percent”, they are, in effect, tasting the winemaker. So it is vital that the consumer gets to know the winemaker at a personal level. This means you are not selling wine, you are selling yourself. YOU are the brand. A committed consumer will want to become a part of that brand experience and will tell your story to everyone they share a bottle of your wine with.

So it is vitally important that the story is told and in such a way that the consumer will digest the message and make it a part of their own wine experience. Not only will you have a committed customer, you will have a brand ambassador.